One Month Meditation Challenge

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I am very happy to announce the One Month Meditation Challenge #OMMchallenge where I am resident teacher.

As well as 30 daily short teachings and guided meditations from me, there are audio and video teachings and meditations from many world renowned teachers.

The whole thing is designed both to support people in establishing or deepening a contemplative practice, and to raise money for Syrian refugees.

The website and accompanying mobile app are beautifully designed. So let’s sit together!

Find out more at

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Summer News

I have reduced my teaching this summer so that I can focus on writing a book. This means that the teaching I am doing is already filling up.

Both the retreats in July at Moulin de Chaves, Meditation & Yoga: Embodiment & Freedom and Your life is your teacher are now full.

I will be teaching in Paris in October: Mindfulness en vie: Travail, Sex, Argent. This retreat will be taught in French and numbers will be limited. 

This means that the next retreat with spaces will be Awake in Our Bones at Gaia House in October.


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Wisdom, Love & Embodiment: Head, Heart & Belly

15 – 20 June

Cette retraite est enseigné en anglais et en francais

Martin is running this retreat again after it proved so popular and powerful in the past. We will look explore the 3 principal centres of experience: Belly, the centre of embodiment, where we learn to actually inhabit our experience ever more fully; Heart, the centre of empathy, where we free up our undigested emotional life, and open to ever deepening care, compassion, joy and spaciousness; and Head, the centre of intuition and wisdom, where we learn to disengage from habitual and  counterproductive thought patterns, realigning our thoughts and training in deeper ways of using our precious mind.

Awaken embodiment, grounding awareness in the belly centre

Awaken love, as we explore and liberate emotional holding

Awaken wisdom, seeing the natural clarity of mind

You can find out more and book on the Moulin website

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I See You Mara Online Course starts 21st April

From Inner Critic to Inner FreedomMARA-image

21 April – 17 May

Toutes les vidéos sont entièrement sous-titrés en français

More than any other facet of personality, the painful tendency to judge ourselves is our biggest barrier to deepening inner freedom. We are literally our own worst enemy. The inner critic, which Buddha referred to as ‘Mara’, criticises, doubts and pressurises us, fostering guilt, unease and a lack of deep inner confidence.

The course will deeply explore how we get caught in judgement in different ways, supporting you in inquiries such as:

  • How do you judge yourself?
  • How do you experience the pressure of criticising yourself for being or not being a certain way?
  • Where did you learn to treat yourself so harshly?
  • How does Mara maintain her/his authority over you?
  • What would it be like, to just allow yourself to be?

The course will unfold over 4 weeks beginning April 21, 2015. 8 online teaching modules will be interspersed with 4 live sessions with Martin where you can bring your questions and comments and dialogue with Martin and a forum to meet and share with other participants.

Freeing up inner judgement makes an enormous difference to our capacity to respond freely and kindly to ourselves, each other and all of life.

You can check out the first module here, which should give you a good idea if the course might be helpful for you. We hope you join us.

I See You Mara

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Infinite Possibility

Here are 4 evening teachings from the recent retreat at the Moulin, entitled Infinite Possibility. It was a very full retreat – 60 participants – and many old friends and committed practitioners, making for a particularly rich, supportive and joyful practice environment.

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INDIA! November 2014

I am very happy to be taking a group of students to India this year, visiting the historical places from Buddha’s life, and studying the teachings in the very places he gave them.

After several years of refusing students’ requests to take them to India – because I didn’t want to take care of the logistics – the travel agents approached me about organising the trip. They have done a great job with the itinerary (and the price!) and I’m very much looking forward to going.

Interested? Details below, and booking here



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