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Stop Thinking

17/07/17Stop thinking about your life!

Martin explores our tendency to seek purpose, striving to fulfil ego-ideals, pressurising ourselves in unhelpful ways. He invites us to let go of purpose in order to truly find meaning, right where we are, as the ground from which to meet and respond to life...

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04/06/17Vitaka Vichara Viveka – Meeting, Exploring and Allowing all of life and death

A talk from Martin’s recent New York retreat: Your Life is Your Teacher May/June 2017 Rich in meditation instruction, reflections on life, and Martin’s personal examples and memories of his teachers, this talk points us towards greater intimacy with our experience, deeper understanding of inner...

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07/12/16Soon we will all be gone

This week, a friend of mine posted on Facebook a new ad he’d seen on the New York Subway. It was by the meditation app, Headspace, and besides a photo of some adrenalised looking character, said I meditate to crush it. The friend in question had added...

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