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07/12/16Soon we will all be gone

This week, a friend of mine posted on Facebook a new ad he’d seen on the New York Subway. It was by the meditation app, Headspace, and besides a photo of some adrenalised looking character, said I meditate to crush it. The friend in question had added...

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30/11/16Practice like your hair is on fire

I am currently in California. Many dharma friends are grappling with the febrile, turbulent and unpredictable post-election situation, and with the current #NODAPL situation at Standing Rock.    Many of us in this living generation, have lived with the highly unusual experience and expectation of...

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16/11/16Buddhist Resources in troubling times: Refuge and the Bodhisattva Vow

You have all no doubt bee impacted by the recent political turbulence and shock. I don’t need to add more words to all you may have already been reading about Trump, Brexit and the worrying rise of political division, fear and polarisation, along with our...

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