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This photograph is from 1993, taken on a 6 week yatra in the Indian Himalaya with my friend Rich, attempting to walk to Mt. Kailash in Tibet. It shows me sitting by a small Shiva temple at the edge of a village, on a typical evening. We would burn incense and offer some chanting at a temple on our way, then meditate nearby for an hour as the sun went down. When we opened our eyes in the twilight, we would very often find plates of food left for us. Not wishing to disturb our meditation, the villagers would bring food quietly, then return later in the evening to ask about our journey, to request teachings, and to sing devotional songs at the temple.

This is the spirit of Dana. We were in a position to offer our practice and our pilgrimage. The villagers were able to offer food and hospitality.It was very humbling to be made so welcome and to be told again and again how blessed people felt by our support, in visiting their temple. We support each other however we can, because we all need support, because we all benefit from kindness.

My intention with offering Dharma teachings, is to support people the best I can. I am extremely grateful for the countless expressions of kindness, generosity and support that I have received in my life and practice.

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