Martin Aylward | Martin’s Story
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Martin’s Story

Martin has been practicing meditation intensively for more that 25 years and has been teaching and supporting individuals and groups in their practice since 1999.

Martin went to India, when he was 19, on a one-way ticket with no luggage. He spent most of the next 4 years in Asian monasteries, retreat centres and Ashrams where he developed a formal meditation practice based on Vipassana / Insight Meditation, while also exploring many different teachings and practice forms.

He spent several months with Ajahn Buddhadasa at Wat Suan Mokh in Thailand and sat annual month-long retreats all through the 1990s at the Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya with Christopher Titmuss. Christopher encouraged him to begin teaching after 10 years of practice. Martin has also studied and practiced with various Buddhist teachers and traditions, including the Vajrayana practices of Mahamudra and Dzogchen.

He also spent 2 years living with Sukhanta Giri Babaji, a Hindu sadhu, at his hermitage near Dharamsala and has lived and practiced with various other Indian Sadhus and Himalayan hermits. Martin has also been a student of the Diamond Approach of AH Almaas since 2005.

In 2001, Martin co-founded the Dharma Yatra pilgrimages through France, with more than 200 walking in silence for several weeks, sharing teachings and practices and camping together along the way. He has led wilderness retreats in France and the USA, and occasionally takes small groups of Dharma students to practice in India at the various places associated with the Buddha’s life.

Martin is a pioneer in offering online Dharma and meditation teachings and today teaches online through a number of different platforms: Martin created Work Sex Money Dharma in 2011, running courses to support people in integrating transformational practices and meditative insight into daily life. He is also founding and guiding teacher of Worldwide Insight which offers weekly free, live and interactive dharma teachings online, and a director of Realize Media, where he runs regular in-depth, month-long courses, as part of a faculty of internationally renowned teachers.

Martin is also the founding teacher of Moulin de Chaves, a residential retreat centre in South West France, where he has lived and taught for the last 11 years, and where his children grew up.

Martin is co-founder, with Mark Coleman, of the Mindfulness Training Institute They run year long professional Mindfulness teacher trainings in Europe and the US, and the Institute now has more than 100 graduated Mindfulness Teachers. He is also visiting faculty on the MSc in Mindfulness-Based Interventions at UCD, Ireland.

You can find full details of all his upcoming teaching on the calendar page.