Martin Aylward | Practicing without trying to get anywhere
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Practicing without trying to get anywhere

“While the ideal is for experience to transform, the method is to meet things just as they are, without trying to change anything.

The very word ‘practice’ seems to suggest a doing something in order to improve at it, and of course there is a way in which our meditation and mindfulness, the care and attention that we cultivate in each moment, is just that. We practice being present, and cultivate wholesome intentions and mind states, and over time our mind begins to steady more, our heart feels more at ease, and our attunement to momentary experience deepens.

Mind does get trained then, and heart does get clarified, yet our practice is also a way of just honouring this moment; opening to what is already present without trying to make it different, so that we increasingly can see and feel and know the the mystery, the vastness of what is already right here. I wrote a few lines about this on retreat last week in Wales:

Buddha Nature
Isn’t out there somewhere
Waiting for you
To deepen your meditation
Or resolve your issuesThe true heart’s ease
Is right here
Gently inviting you
To relax enough  to see
That you have always
Been free

Here’s wishing you the blessings of immediate experience, as you attend to your ever deepening practice – Martin.

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