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Martin: My relationship to practice

Southsea Sangha: Dharma Den with Martin

Love is a Superpower: an Introduction

Training the Mind, Freeing the Heart

TEDx talk: Hamsters, Happiness & Here-ness

ConsciousTV: Interview with Martin

Conscious 2: On Mindfulness

I see you Mara: Short Introduction

I see you Mara: Long Introduction

The Dharma of Sex

The dharma of sex, by Martin Aylward from Real Life Dharma on Vimeo.

20 minute talk by Martin Aylward, exploring the way sex takes so much of our attention, yet often gets so little attention from dharma teachings. Provocative and humorous, from the Buddhist Geeks Conference 2013, in Boulder, USA

The Impulse to Evolve – Part 1

The Impulse to Evolve – Part 2

The Impulse to Evolve – Part 3